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The team at Otto Remodeling believes in bringing your home to its fullest potential through thoughtful design and attention to detail. Every project is important to us. We understand its unique needs and strive to meet your high expectations.

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Unlike hard estimates, you are in complete control of your scope of work and its pricing

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After a preliminary phone call to discuss your project and our process, we will schedule an onsite visit. This visit will help determine the utilization and design of your project.

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Otto Remodeling is Class-A licensed and fully insured. In fact, all of our sub-contractors and vendors are required to be fully licensed and insured too.

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Quotation Mark

Steve & Beverly Johnston

Mark & Tish Olson

Otto Remodeling completed our second floor addition to include our master bedroom and bathroom. It was a large, complex project that required attention to details and infrastructure. Working with Paul and his crew was an outstanding experience! Rohn was an excellent superintendent. He was consistent in communicating with us every step of the way. Otto’s crew and sub-contractors were on our project like clockwork. The work they created was top notch! Emily worked behind the scenes as an excellent business manager. She was knowledgeable, smart, organized and always happy to help. Thank you to Otto Remodeling for their profound work. We couldn’t be happier with the finished project!

Remodeling our entire home was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Otto Remodeling worked diligently to complete our project within the specified time frame. They focused on what we wanted in our remodel and communicated with us throughout its entirety to ensure it was exactly what we want. They were very transparent in their over all communication and invoicing us for sub-contractor’s & materials. This made me feel at ease and allowed me to clearly understand what I was paying for. Yes, a big remodel is a disruption to your life, but the finished product is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! We could not love our home more than we do today. A big thank you to Otto Remodeling.

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